Customs Clearing Agents

So, what is a customs clearing agent?

A party authorized by international customs authorities to certify and manage consignments between countries, of which we have the best, and they are here to help you every step of the process.

Nothing is worse than needing a container full of precious cargo shipped urgently, only to find out that one small irregularity is holding the freight up at customs. GOODNESS! When it comes to getting cargo cleared – and fast – small details are important, for example, the way the container has been packed and whether or not all the necessary documentation has been correctly filled in. There is a lot to consider, but, don’t worry…

At New Horizon Freight Solutions, we remove the headache from freighting COMPLETELY! YAY! We’ll ensure that your cargo is safe, packed correctly to ensure effortless customs clearance, and that your documentation is all in order.